The Insightworks has been writing, consulting and mapping for twenty plus years and we are ready to do it for you.


  •  Wrote technology and political newspaper columns for The Union newspaper
  • Monthly contributor to Chamber of Commerce Newsletter
  • Lead team developing first Chamber of Commerce website
  • Wrote nineteen columns and feature articles for Comstock’s Business
  • Contributed three articles to Nevada County Business News
  • Trailer Life Contributor, five articles
  • Idaho Magazine Contributor, four articles
  • Blogger since 2004, developing five active blogs
  • Wrote and self-published Cobalt: Legacy of the Blackbird Mine

If you need help to tell your story, send me an email?  Let’s talk about your problem.  insightworks@russell-steele.com


  • A significant contributor to two winning broadband proposal to the State of California.
  • I developed an advertising campaign for Contractors Association to raise community perception from low 30s to over 80 percent in nine months.
  • Develop a successful marketing campaign for landscaping company spitting business.
  • Crafted promotional letters and brochure for race car driver seeking racing team sponsorship.
  • Researcher and contributor to study of broadband penetration in rural Sierra Counties.
  • Co-Founder of non-profit internet service provider, CEO for 18 months

Need some help telling your story, send me an email?  Let’s define your message.   insightworks@russell-steele.com


  • Developed method for mapping broadband internet usage in four Sierra Counties.
  • A major contributor to California Broadband map Public Comment Layer, after establishing the need for public input.
  • Developed California Public Commission approved online broadband data collection form, using Google tools. 
  • Mapped physical location of Church membership for analysis.

Need to know where your customers are, send me an email?  Let’s find a solution. insightworks@russell-steele.com

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