Providing insight! We produce insight by the word, sentence, paragraph, story, or column.

At the Insightworks, we are interested in how people use technology in their daily lives, the role of technology in economic development, and the political, economic and environmental consequences resulting from the daily application of emerging technologies.  We produce carefully researched and crafted stories, articles, and op-ed columns.

We believe that wisdom comes from insight, and that insight comes from hard work. Let us go to work for your readers!

Our labor of love was writing about the Blackbird mine, and the ghost town it created  in Cobalt Idaho. This first book was self published in 2005 and is still available for interested readers. It was a hybrid book, with early chapters written in book form and later chapters posted to the web at Cobalt Memories.

Our second project examines technology driven economic development in the Sierra foothills, from 1950 to 2000. We are attempting to answer the question: How did Nevada County, California, develop an applied technology business cluster that was the envy of other foothill counties?  This is an ongoing projects and has resulted in some articles written for the Nevada County Business News on the influence of Charles Litton Sr. 


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